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From the desk of Secretary

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I am indeed very much delighted to contact you through this brief communication. The college has completed illustrious 02 years from its establishment in 2019 by Honorable Shri Uttamrao Rathod. Valmik Naik College of Pharmacy with its vision of “Social transformation through Dynamic Education” has been working for intellectual awakening and all-round development of People of India. As professional service, we provide our expertise for betterment of pharmacy profession. The college has been conducting continuous education programmers for pharmacists. Faculty members, NSS Unit and Pharmacy students are routinely involved in social activities to promote health care and wellbeing of the public. We are aware that although we have much to our credit but we still have to go ahead. With the cooperation of our illustrious alumni, pharmacy industries, students, faculty and all other well wishers, we wish to sustain and maintain the pace of our progress.

Hon. Ravindraji Rathod Saheb
VNCOP Kannad.